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Chad Tepper Wasn’t Available, So We Interviewed His Dog Instead

Exclusive! Chad Tepper’s dog, Boy, played a huge role in his new album. So, we went to the dogs, so to speak. Here’s our interview with Boy, in his own words
(Credit: @spacedvisuals)

“I’m his No. 1 producer,” Boy, a four-year-old full-bred Dalmatian tells us, pronouncing producer — naturally —“paw-ducer.” 

Chad’s millions of social media followers regularly witness his posts featuring Boy and their heartwarming shenanigans. But Boy hasn’t been offered any interviews — until now -– to set the record straight about being the true creative force behind Chad’s debut album, Never Stood A Chance, releasing on August 11th

“There is no Dad – a.k.a. Chad – without me,” Boy continues, confirming his influence. “He scratches my head and calls me a ‘good boy’ and gives me treats, but really I should be scratching his head and calling him a ‘good boy’ because I’m the mastermind!” 

It’s true that peeing all over someone’s jacket might not be the most obvious foray into a lifelong collaboration, but hey — it’s rock ‘n roll — stranger things have happened (and been peed on). 

With Boy at the helm, the new album boasts some pretty heavy alt-rock hitters, including Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier (as producer and featured songwriter) and Lit, a major childhood influence of Chad’s, featured on the single “777.” Chad and rapper Bryce Vine, featured on “Run The World,” will be going on tour at the end of August.

Read on to hear, in Boy’s own words, which songs could be improved with more dog howls, who gives “really good head rub,” and why the motto “guitar riffs and butt sniffs” makes for pretty amazing alt rock.

(Credit: @spacedvisuals)

SPIN: Please tell me how you and Chad first met? What were your first impressions?

BOY: He got me when I was barely just born and was [finally] allowed to leave my mom, but we’re best friends. He’s my dad and my whole life. I make fun of him a lot, but I really love him so much. I can’t lie when I saw him, first I was weirded out by his bad tattoos and, at the time, he had dyed hair. But he was so loving that I immediately gave him kisses and we were inseparable ever since. 

I peed all over his house and before he went to meet the people who set up the “I Wanna Be Your High” session I pissed all over his jacket, because he said I couldn’t go to the studio, but then he made a hit and I’d like to think that my piss is what really elevated everyone’s creativity. 

But back to the main point here – we’ve loved each other from the moment we met and he’s the best dad ever. 

What does an average day look like for you two?

I pretty much make the most fire production of all time – “guitar riffs and butt sniffs,” that’s my motto. I get Chad in the studio and we make hits, that’s what we do. But I also eat treats and jump up on everything, pretty much as a sign to the world that I run it. Dad (a.k.a. Chad) always makes content and asks me the answers to the key to life, so sometimes I give him small answers here and there – ya know – I throw him a bone… pun intended. We also go on a couple walks a day and I sleep in the bed and we cuddle and watch movies while I dream of drum patterns, big steaks and peeing on things. 

Another motto I have is “spread my scent and pay the rent” – ya know – cause makin’ music is like paying rent. You gotta show up every day and put in the work, which is what I’m teaching Dad. 

Jeremy Popoff’s (of Lit) dogs came to one of our interviews once. How important do you think
it is to have canine representation in the music business?

It’s beyond vital, ya know. I’m actually putting together an organization with not only Jeremy’s crew, but a few other dogs that you may or may not have heard of (I’m not a name-dropper, I prefer to keep my barks to myself), but just know we will not be ignored or slept on anymore. We’re tired of the cat shit and we’re coming for what’s ours, bones and all. 

“Every single hit had a dog behind it,
whether you know it or not.”

Boy, The Dog

We are pretty huge fans of Pierre’s (who isn’t?). How did this collaboration come about?

Pierre is the man! He has soft hands too, by the way, and gives a really good head rub. He has some dogs too, you should look into them (per my previous point) because they have been a big influence on his last album, even if he hasn’t said it or not – that’s cool – but anyways, back to Pierre he’s a good dude, smells good. I really learned a lot working with him.

What’s the signature song off the album?

“Run The World (ft. Bryce Vine)” is the signature song and it came from a session that Johnny Minardi set up, which is super dope. Dad and Anton DeLost got in there and then I came in and made some magic. Dialed up Bryce’s team and the rest is history. 

The song is really about dogs running the world and how some dogs like pitbulls and stuff get a bad rap but honestly who’s gonna run the world when we die? Look at your IG right now – best content, paws down, is dog content and I won’t hear any argument about it. 

Which song on the album could be improved with a little canine howling?

What kind of question is this? Every single one would be blessed for me to get howls in the production, but I’m more of a “Paw Rubin” – I don’t need to be all involved vocally to produce a masterpiece. I was really pushing for me to be on “At Least I’m Not Alone” and I wanted the song to be called “At Least I Have A Bone” – but what can ya do? Dad is the artist here and our relationship is give and take so I threw him a bone on that one too.

Anything you can tell us about the album title?

Everyone says that Dad “can’t do this” and “can’t do that,” which I’m tired of hearing, because he’s overcoming all the haters and all the cats out there that are all bark and no bite, if you know what I’m saying. 

I’m the only one who can roast him and I’ll just say everybody WAS RIGHT that Chad never stood a chance of doing anything until I came along and now it’s pretty much world domination from here on out. So watch out ‘cause if I had a spot for every time I heard we can’t do something and we did then I’d be a Dalmatian…  


What song – in all of rock ‘n roll – really needed a dog’s touch?

The real thing you should know is that every single hit had a dog behind it, whether you know it or not. We’re an extremely private producer coalition that has been present in studios since human history has ever been recorded. We look cute and chillin’ in photos and videos but when cams are off the paws are on and we make magic. I don’t want to be misquoted ‘cause there are some songs out there that might have been paw-duced (that’s what we call it, just so you know) that I’m not even sure of. 

So, long story short, who’s to say there are any hit songs that didn’t have paws all over it. 

Will you be heading out on tour?

I’m not yet because Dad doesn’t roll in enough style yet. I’m a big-bus-with-my-own-room kinda dog. I don’t like some of his bandmates because they smell and his manager (even though he’s cool and has a cool dog too – shout out to Rocky) is gonna be there so it’s gonna be packed and I’m not going back to the kennel days. It’s all high-roller status for me or nothing at all.