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Sleater-Kinney Got Some ‘Sound Advice’ From ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Vanessa Bayer


Sleater-Kinney made an appearance on Satruday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer’s web series Sound Advice, to get some, well, not very sound (but very funny) advice. After demonstrating an understanding of what Susan B. Anthony and the Riot Grrrl movement were about that was ”vague at best,” Bayer attempts to critique the famously feminist threesome’s lyrics. She starts reading some lyrics from No Cities To Love’s title track before stopping mid-word. “I’m sorry I must’ve accidently grabbed the diary of an angsty preteen girl, because there’s no way an adult could write this garbage,” she deadpans. Bayer also asks a very pressing question of Sleater-Kinney, who appeared happy to (mostly) play along: “As an all-girl band, how many mysteries have you solved?” Watch the whole clip on IFC.