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PC Music’s GFOTY and Spinee Unleash Their ‘Dog Food Mix 1’

PC Music, GFOTY, Spinee

The PC Music crew never ceases to make us ask “What in the holy hell?,” and their latest creation, “Dog Food Mix 1,” is no different. Helmed by GFOTY and Spinee, the full “mix” is about eight minutes long and consists of a few amazing things: a remix of GFOTY’s “Huge,” from her previously released Cake Mix, a bunch of references from previously released GFOTY material (see: “Brand New Car,” which takes a line from “My Song”), a preview for their upcoming SXSW Boiler Room Set, and an apocalyptic sketch in which the song’s makers are going to die in a factory fire and “don’t know how to run a fucking business for dogs.” Pity. It’s obviously what they were put on this earth to do. Listen below.

(h/t Stereogum)