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Holiday Mountain Pens a Capricious Ode to Bodywork in ‘Slow Motion Thugs’

Holiday Mountain

“All I wanna do is slow it down,” cries genre-hopping psych-dance trio Holiday Mountain in their new single, “Slow Motion Thugs.” Of course the Austin outfit do just the opposite in their rollicking track, which sounds influenced by the sparkle-electronic whimsy from Of Montreal and emulates the light-hearted yet authoritative vocal stylings of St. Vincent. (They do make eventually good on their lyrical promise, though, with an awesome late-song break-it-down, build-it-back section leading to a cacophonous climax.)

“‘Slow Motion Thugs’ was written about the massages our drummer Zander gives to us,” lead vocalist Laura Patino tells SPIN over email. “Past emotions, memories, and habits are all confronted during his deep bodywork, and although the breakdown is very painful, it’s ultimately what makes us stronger and healthier as people.” Listen to the cut below, and look out for Holiday Mountain’s forthcoming album, You Be You, Part 1 technically their sophomore release, but the first with their current lineup when it drops on April 28.