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Earl Sweatshirt Gets Tape-Warped and Weird on ‘Quest/Power’

Los Angeles producers Budgie and Samiyam lend the track it's subtle surrealism

Aside from a dustup with a certain beloved pop star, Odd Future affiliate Earl Sweatshirt’s mostly maintained a low profile since the release of his 2013 album Doris, though he’s occasionally taken time to hint that new material is in the works. Saturday, he released a new track to Soundcloud called “Quest/Power” that doubles down on some of the weirder production values from his last LP. With a beat from the tape-warping hip-hop surrealist Samiyam and fellow Los Angeleno Budgie, the track picks up with a familiar sort of nimble-tongued introspection, before driving into places far more strange. You can listen to it up above, and for more of Earl’s sillier side, read SPIN’s 2014 interview with him about his then-budding DJ duo Billy Jole.