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Tyga Casts Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend in ‘Make It Work’ Video

Tyga, Drake, Ex-girlfriend

Tyga hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he doesn’t like fellow Young Moneymaker Drake, but now the rapper seems to have elevated the feud from “open disdain” to “full-fledged, shots-fired beef.” The new video for Tyga’s “Make It Work” — which is probably a Drake diss track — features Drizzy’s ex-girlfriend Dollicia Bryan in several scenes.

Tyga, who spends most of the video at a bumping club or on a runway by a private jet, must’ve known what he was doing when he cast Bryan, and Complex even reports that he admitted the only reason he wanted her in the project was to “piss off Drake.” Bryan, apparently, was cool with that. Watch the latest round of their dick-measuring contest above.