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Royksopp Rave in a Creepy Cabin in Their ‘Skulls’ Video

They're either dancing, or summoning Cthulhu

Nothing ever good happens at a cabin in the woods, and Röyksopp’s eerie music video for “Skulls” is further proof of this. The Inevitable End cut’s glitchy, warped bass lines and creepy synths score what appears to be an occult dance party. Set in stark black-and-white, the video documents “the ominous journey of Svein and Torbjørn with friends and 83-year-old Adolf into dark woods and dark places,” according to its YouTube description. Once Svein, Torbjørn & Co. set foot in the strobe-lit cabin, they start to draw weird runes and conduct strange rituals, one of which involves a pale, bubbly stew that can’t possibly be for eating. By the looks of the end of the video, things didn’t go well. Check it out above — if you dare.