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Lil B Freestyles About Racism in New Single ‘I Can’t Breathe’

Lil B, I Can't Breathe, Racism

The proudly outspoken Lil B just dropped a new, passionate freestyle railing against some of the darkest and most pressing issues facing the society today — including racism, rape, and censorship. “I Can’t Breathe” takes its title from Eric Garner’s last words upon being killed by New York City police, and has since evolved into a nationwide civil rights rallying cry.

The positive rapper alluded to a history of sexual assault, spoke out against guns and violence, and implored people to get smart and make the best of themselves. “Just because they pimped us don’t mean you got to / Just because they sell drugs don’t mean you got to / All this white call us rapist, Black Friday everyday / Ask yourself who’s racist,” he raps. It’s certainly not the first time he’s addressed such serious issues — in November he gave a lecture on similar topics at MIT. Listen to his new freestyle above.