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Lorde Puts the Hair, Makeup, and Costume People to Work in ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ Video

Lorde Yellow Flicker Beat The Hunger Games Mockingjay Soundtrack Single

Let it never be said that Lorde is phoning in her curation of the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay soundtrack. Not only is the now-18-year-old (happy birthday Lorde!) featured on several songs, but she’s also doing the heavy lifting for the album’s lead single, “Yellow Flicker Beat,” which also got a fairly labor-intensive-looking visual accompaniment today.

The video features Lorde starring in her own sort of Orphan Black episode, with about a dozen different Lordes — in different locales, styled and dressed differently — doing vaguely cinematic things. There’s Stevie Nicks Lorde, White Suit Lorde, Florence Welch Lorde, and seemingly countless other characters introduced over the course of four minutes. Slightly disappointing that there’s no actual Hunger Games footage in there, but hey, you probably have the blockbuster’s hair, makeup and costume people on call anyway, so may as well put them to work.

Watch below, and get increasingly excited for the Mockingjay soundtrack, due out Nov. 17.