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Ghostface Killah and AZ Narrate Crime Life on ‘Double Cross’

Ghostface Killah

Self-appointed superhero Ghostface Killah has unveiled another track from his soon-to-be-released concept disc, 36 Seasons. Following the brooding “Love Don’t Live Here No More” and aggro AZ/Kool G Rap collab “The Battlefield,” “Double Cross” features another guest spot from Brooklyn rapper AZ. Illustrating a crime-centric narrative in which a “business” interaction goes awry, the duo make an ominous promise: “Y’all done swindled the kid, hand me masked to your enemies / It’s all good in my chest, I got ten of these hearts / And nine thou for revenge / Tony don’t stand for crumbs and fake friends.” Duly noted. 

Listen to the track above, and look out for 36 Seasons when it drops on December 9 via Salvation/Tommy Boy Records.