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PJ Harvey Sings Tragic Cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’

PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Red Right Hand, Cover

A recent episode of the BBC drama Peaky Blinders saw the premiere of a rare new track by PJ Harvey — a somber cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s “Red Right Hand.” The alt-rock heroine’s moving cover was the latest addition to the program’s pretty impressive soundtrack, as songs by Arctic Monkeys, Johnny Cash, and even Cave himself have been featured on the historical drama since its premiere in 2012.

According to NME, Flood — the producer for both Harvey and also the show itself —enlisted the English singer to fend off accusations that the show was becoming too American.

“We’re trying to make it feel much more European and British and PJ fits that bill perfectly,” he told BBC Radio. “I phoned Polly up and she was very interested. We’re trying to deconstruct all of Polly’s material and then weave it through. It’s very cutting-edge and modern.” Listen to Harvey’s sad take on “Red Right Hand” below.