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Juicy J Greets the Day By Dropping Two New Songs, ‘Trash’ and ‘All I Need’

juicy j, new songs, all i need, trash

“Wake yo ass up!” Juicy J tweeted Thursday morning, subsequently releasing two brand new songs. The Three 6 Mafia founder started hinting at the imminent release of “Trash” and “All I Need” early in the day before up and dropping them shortly after 9 a.m.

These songs sound like how I’m feeling right now finna drop em mane,” the Academy Award winner said. On “All I Need,” Juicy finds that his needs can’t be satisfied, (“All I need is one more drink / Two more blunts / Three more bitches”), while “Trash” finds the rapper slinging mud over a heavy beat, using filthy language that’s a clear return to form following his family-friendly contribution to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack this summer.

Both of the tracks will help spice up your commute, according to Juicy. “If you on yo way to work or school,” he tweeted, “I got some new music you need to bump.” Bump them both below.