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Jessie J Does It Like It ‘Ain’t Been Done’ on New Single

Jessie J, Ain't Been Done, Masterpiece, Sweet Talker, New Music

Jessie J revealed not one, but two new singles from her upcoming album, Sweet Talker. She promises big things on the enthusiastic anthem “Ain’t Been Done,” which alternates between Jessie quickly rapping over some intense guitar cords and singing an inspiring, high-flying chorus. (“I’m a do it like it ain’t been done / On top, only just begun / Better believe I’ll be your number one / I’m a do it like it ain’t been done”). On the other hand, “Masterpiece” is an intense power ballad (below), with a similarly empowering and aspirational message.

The English singer and Voice U.K. has already dropped three Sweet songs — “Personal,” “Burning Up” featuring 2 Chainz, and her noisy Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj collaboration “Bang Bang.” Feel free to pick up Jessie’s album when it comes out on October 13.