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Foo Fighters and Zac Brown Tear Into ‘War Pigs’ on ‘Letterman’


The Foo Fighters will be appearing on Late Show with David Letterman every night this week, promoting (and likely playing songs from) their new album/TV show hybrid project, Sonic Highways, with many a special guest in tow. Last night, the guest was country superstar Zac Brown — a former collaborator of Dave Grohl’s — and the song was a classic cover rather than a new track: Black Sabbath’s metal standard “War Pigs,” which the band trimmed to a lean four minutes but still sounded pretty solid blasting through.

Grohl also sat with his fellow Dave to talk about the new LP/series and his new child, explaining the inspiration behind the former by talking about the way different cities influence different musics. Talking of his perpetually rain-soaked hometown of Seattle, Grohl says that as a musician living there, “You’re gonna go into a basement and write the most depressing music that you’ve ever heard in your entire life. And you’re gonna sell millions of records.” He would know, certainly.

Talking about his kids, Grohl detailed the unlikely gangsta-rap inclinations of his three-year-old daughter (as well as her personal connection to Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”), and wistfully recalls the advice given to him by his musician father upon Nirvana’s initial success nearly 25 years ago: “You know this isn’t gonna last, right?” JOKE’S ON YOU DAD.

Watch “War Pigs” above and the two Dave-on-Dave interview clips below, and check back throughout the week for more Foo-y goodness.