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Hear Led Zeppelin’s Shimmering Alternate Mix of ‘The Rain Song’

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Alternate Mix the Rain Song IV Stream

While singer Robert Plant continues to chunk out solo albums and make impromptu doo-wop with Jimmy Fallon, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has presumably been hunkered down in the studio working on the band’s string of deluxe remasters and reissues that they’ve put out over the course of this year. Houses of the Holy and Led Zeppelin IV will make up the latest installment of that series when they hit stores next month, but thanks to Pitchfork, you can hear an alternate mix for “The Rain Song” right now.

Page says that the new mix, from the set’s companion disc, “is really a good blend of everything that’s actually being played.” True to his word, this version excises piano in favor of foregrounding the original’s shimmering guitar work and roaring vocal take. You can stream this new take over at Pitchfork, or catch it in context when these reissues hit stores on October 27.