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Hear Led Zeppelin’s Heavy, Howling Alternate ‘Black Dog’ Version

Led Zeppelin IV Rerelease Black Dog Unreleased

Led Zeppelin fans rejoice — a new version of “Black Dog” is on the loose. Just as the Jimmy Page and Co.’s previous remastered reissuing of Led Zeppelin, II, and III each came with alternate takes, so too does IV revisit on its deluxe editions. The new old “Black Dog” snippet (above), as Rolling Stone reports, is billed as the basic track with guitar overdubs. It stays pretty true to the original, with some significant changes in the vocal harmonies.

Along with IV, the group is releasing a remastered version of 1973’s Houses of the Holy on October 28, which like those successful reissues before were produced by guitarist Page. For a full rundown of all the packaging options offered, we direct you to the Led Zeppelin website. There are standard, deluxe, and super super deluxe versions including alternate takes, rarities, various mixes, CDs, vinyl, digital downloads, and/or an 80-page hardcover book.

Zeppelin’s supremacy is undeniable, and we’d hate to see the band go belly up over that “Stairway to Heaven” lawsuit, so, should you dish out $120 for a bells-and-whistles box set, sleep easy knowing you’ve done your part to keep Page off the street.