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Kathleen Hanna and Mykki Blanco Hit the Studio

Kathleen Hanna Experiments With Mykki Blanco

SPIN cover star and queen of riot grrrls Kathleen Hanna seems to be reaching down from the punky heavens to bless young artists who are getting weird. Following news that the titular Punk Singer requited the love of Miley Cyrus, proof now emerges of a recent jam session with Mykki Blanco. The gender-bending New York rapper posted to Facebook a photo of Hanna cheesing in a control room with the caption “I got artsy and experimental with Kathleen Hanna yesterday! (dream come true).”

In her own way, Blanco echoes the punk-rock defiance of the riot grrrl movement, and musters the fearlessness needed to create in the face of intolerance. That struggle that may very well have endeared Mykki to Hanna as a kindred spirit. And with Miley exploring more experimental output, Hanna’s tweet suggesting only Cyrus could be “daring enough” to execute a seemingly top-secret album idea seems like a serious affirmation of the former Disney star’s ability. 

Is Hanna plotting the freshmen class of a new wave of riot grrrls? Here’s to hoping a certain star has been secretly operating under her orders all along.