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Kickstarter’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel Stars Slash as Walter White Nemesis

Slash Stars And Plays Himself In Potential 'Breaking Bad' Sequel

What if we told you there was a Kickstarter in motion to fund a sequel to Breaking Bad — picking up precisely where the finale stopped — staring Val Kilmer and Slash as the comedic U.S. Marshal geniuses searching for Walter White? The project is called Anastasia, and Van Nuys resident Lawrence Shepard, the mastermind behind this resurrection, spoke with Vice about where he’s coming from. 

Either Shepard really found himself while reading The Secret, or this is his way of coping with the fugue state-inducing experience of running out of Breaking Bad to watch. Either way, this is very very real to him, as he tells Vice Slash will “definitley” be in the pilot and Val Kilmer will work for any old paycheck: “From what people tell me about Val Kilmer, you don’t have to pay him a million dollars. If there’s some money there, he’ll typically do it.”

Kilmer really would be a saint to sign on after that flattering admission, especially because Val wasn’t even Shepard’s first choice with, as the A.V. Club points out, Nathan Lane’s name is immortalized in the Kickstarter’s URL. Also, this:

Slash, who would play himself (because, as Shepard muses, “Who doesn’t want to see Slash with a Glock sticking out from under that jacket?”), isn’t the only musical talent to appear in this ambitious project, with Shepard calling for the role of Slash’s girlfriend to be filled by singer Jana Mashonee.


Why put all your chips on Better Call Saul? Do you care to help Shepard along from $1,032 to reach his goal of $500,000 in the next 14 days? The prize awarded to the highest donors is a “prominent speaking role” in a scene from the pilot illustratively laid out by Shepard:

Here’s the scene: It’s Halloween and you are giving out candy to the trick or treaters at your front door, (It’s your choice if you want to be in costume). Val Kilmer and the woman playing his wife, are taking their children through the neighborhood and they stop at your house.

Kinda leaves you wanting more, huh?