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PSY’s ‘Hangover’ Cure Is Snoop Dogg in Boozy New Video

PSY, Snoop Dogg, "Hangover," video

One traditional cure for the lingering effects of celebrating too much is the “hair of the dog.”  PSY, being PSY, has instead gone with Snoop Dogg. After the festive occasion of the South Korean YouTube sensation’s “Gangnam Style” reaching 2 billion (that’s “billion,” with a “b”) views, a new clip shows PSY and the West Coast hip-hop legend shaking off their headaches to a track called, well, “Hangover.”

The video peaks early, with the “Gentleman” gentleman puking and then brushing his teeth alongside the rapper briefly known as Snoop Lion. From there, we see the array of dizzying visuals you’d expect from PSY, with ridiculous amounts of alcohol being consumed en route to a PSY-Snoop karaoke performance. The music is gaudy, unsubtle, and unlikely to ease a hangover unless you’re overindulging as much as the artists — cacophonous EDM-rap that gives way to a billowing, “We Can’t Stop”-like chorus.

The end result is still a curiously enjoyable five minutes, though the promise at the end of new single called “Daddy” this summer suggests PSY isn’t betting too hard on “Hangover” to vault him back toward “Gangnam Style”-levels of excess. In other K-pop coverage, see dance-pop group Waveyay twerk to save classical music, watch a couple of eye-popping new 2NE1 videos, and revisit our in-depth pieces K-Pop Fizz Fizz: Life After PSY and Seoul Trained: Inside Korea’s Pop Factory