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Watch PSY Act Like a Creep, Thrust His Crotch in ‘Gentleman’ Video

Psy Gentleman video

Yesterday, when PSY finally unleashed “Gentleman”, the follow-up single to last year’s relentless “Gangnam Style”, SPIN’s Marc Hogan observed that the EDM-indebted K-Pop track’s true success would be tested when the song’s music video arrived. Well, the clip is now officially here, and, like the song itself, the visual companion to “Gentleman” owes a heavy debt to its juggernaut predecessor.

This long-awaited sequel has a clearer theme than “Gangnam Style” — PSY acting like a jerk while cheekily insisting he’s a true gent — but it moves at a similarly frenetic pace, boasts several groomed-for-viral-ubiquity dance numbers, and packs in a few nods to one of SPIN’s 40 Best Songs of 2012.

PSY runs around for four minutes, wreaking havoc on everyone around him: He snaps bikini tops, slurps noodles on a dinner date, interrupts a children’s soccer game, and forces a woman to smell his fingers (that’s as much detail as we’re willing to give on that one). Come for the novelty, stick around to see the K-Pop king grind hard on a street pole.

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