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Joe Jackson Mourns Michael in Touching Tribute on Anniversary of King of Pop’s Death

Michael Joe Jackson Father Tribute Anniversary Death

Michael Jackson died five years ago today (June 25), and the King of Pop’s father has marked the tragic anniversary by sharing a personal remembrance dedicated to his son. In a post on his website titled “Only Yesterday,” Joe Jackson says, “Michael, not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. I miss you. Everywhere I go, your music follows me. I hear it in the stores, in the car, on TV. You are everywhere. You were a great son and I will always miss you.”

The 85-year-old goes on to say that his late son visits him in his sleep sometimes, a detail he claims to have never shared with anyone before. “I dreamt he was in the same room with me, standing there and smiling,” Jackson says. “He started singing, his voice was echoing in my dreams and woke me up. I realized I was awake in a dream. He continued singing and his voice echoed out the door. In my dream, I woke up and walked to the door following the voice as it faded away.”

Read Joe Jackson’s full note by heading over to his website. For a look back at Michael Jackson when he was still in his prime, read SPIN’s 1987 cover story, The Pressure to Beat It.