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Grimes Wrote an Ode to Rihanna, Who Rejected It

Grimes believes in flower power

Grimes, a.k.a. Claire Boucher, is making fast friends in her new home at Jay Z’s Roc Nation — or at least she’s trying, so far seemingly unsuccessfully. As Pitchfork points out, the Canadian pop experimentalist tweeted that she wrote three new songs to be revealed during her performance at this weekend’s Governors Ball music festival, one of which (written with Los Angeles producer Blood Diamonds) was for Rihanna, who was not a fan. 

Generally speaking, it doesn’t seem like RiRi takes compliments well. About a month ago, the recently scantily clad, diamond-veiled superstar was accused of cyberbullying a teenaged fan who imitated a bat dress she had worn. It seems like Drake’s heartbreaker might just be, well, a general heartbreaker. But Boucher doesn’t seem to mind, or she’s not making a big deal of it. “They turned it down,” she wrote, “so its kinda different from regular grimes.” She also tweeted that all of the songs from her 2012 breakthrough Visions had been completely re-recorded, “so they sound much better now.” 

This is the first news we’ve heard in a while from Grimes, who last made headlines a little over a year ago when she revealed an old video for “Venus in Fleurs,” another song with an “entirely different vibe” off her 2010 album Geidi Primes. Though she has confirmed work on a new Grimes album, Boucher has not yet revealed a release date or further details about it.