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Disclosure Add Sleek Bounce to Pharrell and Jay Z’s ‘Frontin”

U.K. house wunderkinds take the other duo's 2003 debut

Everything U.K. dance duo Disclosure remixes turns even more golden. After getting in the zone with British producer Friend Within a few months ago — and, of course, their bumpin’ rendition of Jessie Ware’s “Runnin'” back in the day — the brothers Lawrence have re-worked Pharrell and Jay Z’s 2003 hit “Frontin’.” “Little re-work we did of one of our favourite songs ever,” they wrote on Soundcloud, where the track was posted today. “Might give this one away for free when we reach 1m likes on facebook… We shall see 😉 ENJOY!”

In this case, Disclosure (re)work similar magic, stretching out the beginning with hissing hi-hats and a click track before the original’s signature Neptunes synth stabs and Pharrell’s sorry-I’m-not-sorry-I’m-cocky verses kick in like they’re coming from underwater. By the power of musical association, if Disclosure collaborated with Nile Rodgers, and Jay Z “teamed up” with Daft Punk, it was only a matter of time and physics before they got lucky with Pharrell. For the full effect, check out the original below.