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Watch MIA’s Twitchy Video For ‘Double Bubble Trouble’

The 'Matangi' track gets a politically minded clip

Since last year’s Matangi, M.I.A.’s found a number of different ways to showcase her visual art roots, including some pretty complex staging for her recent live shows and late night TV appearances. Today, that visually minded streak continues with her self-directed clip for “Double Bubble Trouble.”

Opening with a snippet from a documentary about 3D printed firearms, the visual descends into something less easily apprehensible, but no doubt equally politically charged. There are kids waving guns and blowing smoke, and these kinda cute-looking fluorescent drones. It doesn’t seem as instantly iconic as some of M.I.A.’s past videos, but the homespun jittery quality seems to run parallel to her wonderfully collagist pop music. Watch the video above.