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Jack White Shares Gasoline-Guzzling ‘Just One Drink’

Jack White, "Just One Drink," 'Lazaretto,' stream

After all this time, Jack White is still fighting for your affection with old-fashioned rock’n’roll. Some libations might be involved, too. The former White Stripes leader helped Neil Young press a record straight to vinyl earlier this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he has previously shared two tracks ahead of hologram-creating new solo album Lazaretto: the raucous “Lazaretto,” cut live on Record Store Day as “The World’s Fastest Record,” and the desert-scorched instrumental “High Ball Stepper.”  Now comes “Just One Drink,” which puts some country fiddle and early-rock’n’roll piano over fuzzed-out blues chords as the Third Man boss and guest vocalists battle it out. The opening lines say it all: “You drink water / I drink gasoline / One of us is happy / One of us is mean / I love you, but honey why don’t you love me?”

Lazaretto is due out June 10 on Third Man Records/Columbia (pre-order it via iTunes or Third Man); catch White on tour starting on May 29.

Listen over at Rolling Stone.