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Hear Jack White’s Rowdy ‘Lazaretto’ Record Store Day Single

Jack White, "Lazaretto," World's Fastest Record, Record Store Day, single

UPDATE: Jack White let loose the official studio version of the “Lazaretto” single, and shared the track list for Lazaretto, the album. Dig into the former above, and the latter below.

Deadline pressure, as any student (or music writer) knows, can be a blessing and a curse. Jack White cut the world’s fastest studio-to-store record over the weekend, as part of the Record Store Day festivities as his Third Man Records, and now the audio is streaming online. The live version of “Lazaretto,” also the title track of White’s June 10 album, is as wild as you’d hope for such a release, based around White’s strengths in garage rock but with a synth-topped groove that at times brings to mind the Beastie Boys, at least until what sounds like fiddle arrives. Listen in the recap video below, starting around the 7:20 mark.


Lazaretto track list:

1. “Three Women”
2. “Lazaretto”
3. “Temporary Ground”
4. “Would You Fight For My Love?”
5. “High Ball Stepper”
6. “Just One Drink”
7. “Alone In My Home”
8. “Entitlement”
9. “That Black Bat Licorice”
10. “I Think I Found The Culprit”
11. “Want And Able”