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‘Soaked in Bleach’ Trailer Rehashes Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracies

If you stomach churned upon seeing those recently released photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, the trailer for Soaked in Bleach isn’t going to go down much more easily. The feature-length film combines a dramatic retelling of Cobain’s final days with documentary footage of people associated with the case discussing the various conspiracy theories that abounded following the Nirvana frontman’s death. Unsurprisingly, the trailer looks primed to drum up controversy.

The main narrative is about private investigator Tom Grant, whom Courtney Love hired to find Cobain after he disappeared from rehab. In 1994, Grant claimed that Cobain was murdered and pointed a finger at Love, and it seems his opinion hasn’t wavered in the two decades since. He appears in the trailer and also in the dramatic interpretations, played by veteran actor Daniel Roebuck. A whiny, petulant Love is played by Sarah Scott, while Tyler Bryan portrays Cobain.

The preview clip also shows a reenactment of the crime scene, with several close-ups of Cobain’s body holding the shotgun up to his face (you see pretty much everything but his face). After that, it’s a parade of allegations, mainly accusing Love of having him killed so she could inherit his estate. There’s attorney Rosemary Carroll saying she thinks Love forged Cobain’s suicide note by tracing phrases from his journal, various people criticizing the investigators’ handling of the crime scene and case, and audio recordings of Love saying that all the publicity from the suspicion was good publicity. 

Of course, anyone hoping to get the case reopened shouldn’t get too excited. The police recently looked over the files and found no reason to open the case, describing those recently discovered death scene photos as “underwhelming.” Naturally, that won’t stop the people who believe Cobain was murdered from demanding more answers. The trailer doesn’t really offer any potential evidence that hasn’t been brought up in various books and documentaries, but timing the release of the preview to the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death will surely get more people squawking.

At the moment, the film doesn’t have a release date.