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Kurt Cobain’s Death: a Reopened and Shut Case

Kurt Cobain

UPDATE: View the previously unseen photos from Kurt Cobain’s death scene.

Earlier today, news broke via KIRO TV in Seattle that Kurt Cobain’s death investigation was going to be reopened. Cobain conspiracy theorists could finally rejoice! New evidence reportedly existed in the form of photographs taken a the scene. What could these pictures yield? Traces of a murderer? More evidence that he tragically took his own life? An explanation for that weeping statue? Alas, it turns out … nothing.

As soon as the news started circulating, it was quickly debunked by The Seattle Times. While the police did say that the case files were recently looked at in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death this April 5, no new actual evidence was found. Thus, case closed (again, or still). A spokesperson for the police department even described the aforementioned photos as being “underwhelming.”

Call us crazy, but any new photos of Cobain or his surroundings are the exact opposite of underwhelming. To wit, even that speculative rendering of what the Nirvana leader would look like today, at the age of 46, was an event. And there was the video about his guitars, that fake Craiglist listing for his stuff, and a cartoon likeness of the dude, even. Here’s hoping Cobain’s childhood home really does turn into a museum — we assume there will be photos there to accompany his old mattress.