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Tool and Melvins Members Cameo in OFF!’s ‘Red White and Black’ Video

OFF! 'Red White and Black' Video Dave Foley Brian Posehn Nazis

Back in February, we learned OFF! hate hippies, cops, and happiness. Now, the punk supergroup led by FLAG’s Keith Morris has a new target of scorn: Fascists. Their new video for “Red White and Black” features Kids in the Hall star Dave Foley and metal-loving comic Brian Posehn as a couple of sorta-Nazis (they have the outfits down, at least) who perform to a white-power crowd in a small bar. Meanwhile, the bar’s staff tip off a gang of black bikers about the racist concert, leading to a bit of a disagreement between the rival parties. Keep an eye out for a few familiar rock faces in the crowd, including Tool’s Danny Carey, the Melvins’ Dale Crover, Jesus Lizard’s David Yow, and TSOL’s Jack Grisham. OFF!’s third album, Wasted Years, is available now via Vice Records.