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Drake Takes Care, With Lint Roller, at NBA Playoffs

Drake, Lint Roller, toronto raptors

As “Global Ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors, Drake faulted Jay Z for not being present at their series against the Brooklyn Nets this week, telling TSN sportscasters Hova’s “somewhere eating a fondue plate.” Well, now we know where Drake was: sitting courtside, going to town on his black slacks with a lint roller. In the video-turned-GIF seen above, the Nothing was the Same MC can be spotted in the top-right corner during the first quarter of Game 2, obsessively making sure there’s not a speck of lint on his clothes.

Amazingly, though, the future ESPYs host mangaged to keep his eyes fixed on the court all throughout the grooming process. And, as an artist known to handle criticism pretty damn well, Drake embraced the attention, later posting a freeze-frame of himself on Instagram with the caption, “Lint rollers on deck.”