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Beck May Release Another Album This Year

Beck, Morning Phase

It took Beck nearly six years to release Morning Phase, the harmonious, Sea Change-esque follow-up album to 2008’s folksy Modern Guilt. Now it seems the mercurial Los Angeles musician has hit his songwriting stride. Fresh off of his career-spanning, overtime Coachella set, Beck played a gig in Santa Monica for local radio station KCRW, where he told the crowd he may release another album by the end of this year.

“I’ve been working on and off on a different set of songs that are more boisterous [than Morning Phase],” he said. Back in June he teased he possibility of two full-length releases. He also shared a trio of vinyl singles — “Defriended,” “Gimme,” “I Won’t Be Long” — that sounded decidedly different from his most recent set.

If Beck were to release another album, of course, he’d have to squeeze it in somewhere before, between, or after his 14 remaining Morning Phase tour dates, including his return to the Coachella stage this weekend. Those looking to mark their calendars should hold off for the time being: Beck warned that we’re “screwed with any kind of adjective,” yet still hopes 2014 will be the year of back-to-back Beck LPs. Fingers crossed.