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Watch Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht’s Creepy ‘Called to Ring’ Hair Party

Jorge Elbrose Ariel Pink 'Called to Ring' Video

Back in December, Ariel Pink and Violens’ Jorge Elbrecht joined forces as Jorge Elbrose, penning the fuzzed-out “Called to Ring.” The track appeared on the companion album to Mexican Summer: Five Years, a 250-page book celebrating the Brooklyn indie label, alongside Fennesz and Autre Ne Veut’s previously heard “Alive.” Now, the duo has released the first video from the compilation, and it’s a weirdo freakout of hair, smoke, and eyeless musicians.

“For this video we tried to imagine a perfect band to play ‘Called to Ring,’ and I think we succeeded,” Elbrecht said in a press release. “The idea was to have a wash of hair, camo, and white guitars all happening in slow motion, with Ariel and I popping in and out as these cold, eyeless theater masks. As we sing in unison on the recording, we thought we should spend the bulk of the video conjoined. Such a pleasure to work on this with everyone, I’m really proud of how it turned out.”

Enjoy the video above, and pick up Mexican Summer: Five Years now.