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Haim Were a $1000 ‘Jeopardy!’ Question

Haim Jeopardy Simon Garfunkel Hazy Shade of Winter Video

File this under “you know you’ve made it when”: SPIN cover stars Haim were the answer to a Jeopardy! question on the “College Championship” edition of the long-running gameshow Wednesday, February 12. Actually, they were the question to the answer, or whatever, because Alex Trebek. The $1,000 clue fell under a category called “Music Makers,” and read as follows: “3 sisters make up this pop band.” Terry picked the square, but Kenesha cinched it: “What is Haim?”

The host’s response was classic Trebek: “HAME or HIME, yes.” Arctic Monkeys and Lana Del Rey also popped up in the same category, as Stereogum points out.

Also, even though it’s pretty old, the trio’s karaoke cover of the Bangles’ version of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Hazy Shade of Winter” is making the rounds right now in honor of the polar vortex. As truly cold weather is something Los Angelenos have only seen in movies or heard about in songs, it’s quite fitting that these California daughters take such a celebratory tack. Watch the 2012 Nowness video below: