Big Bang’s Taeyang Plays ‘Tron’ in Blockbuster ‘Ringa Linga’ Video

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K-pop singer Taeyang has returned with two music videos for “Ringa Linga,” his first solo single in three years. Diverging from the R&B slow jams of 2010’s Solar, the Big Bang member angles toward hip-hop bravado on the just-released track — fitting since his bandmate G-Dragon has a co-writing credit here. For the song’s visuals, the 25-year-old focuses less on his mic skills and more on his dance-floor prowess. The first of said clips catches Taeyang in a rehearsal space with his back-up dancers — as seen below, the short offers a (relatively) low-key glimpse at a highly choreographed routine.

The official video, meanwhile, chronicles a post-apocalyptic rave-up. Hit the play button above to see Taeyang teleport from a bombed-out street alley, to the top of a crane set against an orange sunset, to a futuristic truck-ish vehicle traveling through a Tron-style wormhole. After watching those two clips, head over to iTunes to purchase “Ringa Linga,” which will appear on Taeyang’s upcoming second full-length, Rise. For SPIN’s in-depth exploration of the international rise of K-pop, travel to Seoul to inspect the factory itself, check out our list of the 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time, and learn about Life After Psy.



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