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The Black Keys Would Like to Examine Stephen Colbert’s Prostate

But they'll have to fight John Lithgow and Katie Couric for the 'Colbert Report' honor

Ladies and gentlemen, the Brown Keys. Thursday night on The Colbert Report, Stephen dropped his “November Sweeps Prostacular,” inspired by the theoretically ratings-boosting on-air colonoscopies recently received by Today show hosts Matt Lauer and Al Roker. This, ahem, opened the door for all sorts of puerile potty humor, but also for some guest-star shockers: actor extraordinaire John Lithgow, Today alum/OG televised exam-taker Katie Couric, and the Black Keys. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have been publicly bromanced by Colbert before, so perhaps it was time to return the favor. But will they actually have the pleasure? Watch above to find out which of the would-be celebrity doctors wins the honorary latex glove in this reality TV-style competition. Also: “He’s like a Chinese finger-trap down there.” Nyuk or yuck?