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Kurt Vile and Sore Eros Stretch Out on Heady ‘Serum’

Philly psych-folk guru shares an older song from 'Jamaica Plains EP'

Former SPIN cover star Kurt Vile has been feeling nostalgic of late. He and Matador Records are set to release a deluxe edition of his officially Essential Wakin on a Pretty Daze LP (including an extra EP’s worth of B-sides and versions) on November 19. And before that, the Care in the Community imprint will resurrect a trio of early-aughts collaborations with Robert Robinson. As Sore Eros, the former member of Vile’s band the Violators co-helms the Jamaica Plains EP, which will arrive as a transparent 10-inch on November 5. Now we can hear a sample of that set, “Serum,” a lazily drifting psych-folk piece with lyrics dolled out bit by bit in Vile’s creakiest drawl. The Violators hit the road this month. Find those tour dates here.

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