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Black Sabbath Lifelessly Mumble Through ‘Loner’ Live Video

Black Sabbath, "Loner," video, DVD

Black Sabbath have shared a puzzling new video. This past spring, the Ozzy Osbourne-fronted heavy metal overlords debuted “Loner” in Australia, and Osbourne gargled his way through as if he barely knew the words or how to sing. On November 25, Sabbath will release Black Sabbath: Live … Gathered in Their Mass, a live DVD including footage from those Australian performances in support of reunion album 13 — including, via NME, footage of slo-mo riff lizard “Loner” itself. Ozzy still looks as half-asleep as he did in the original fan-shot clip, but his pitch is no longer audibly off, and now the performance shots are mixed in with images of young audience members looking way, way more energetic than the lurching audio gives them any reason to be.