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Soundgarden Look to the Stars for Sci-Fi ‘Halfway There’ Video

Soundgarden, "Halfway There," video, 'King Animal,'

Soundgarden play it straight but spacey in the new music video for King Animal ballad “Halfway There.” That’s after the Seattle titans goofed around with Dave Grohl and Deadmau5 for their hipster-mocking “By Crooked Steps” video earlier this year. The latest short follows an astronaut speeding through outer space, presumably on his way back to Earth. But Soundgarden, masters of their very own comeback narrative, complicate the homeward journey for our hero.

The weary space traveler sees a rush of hallucinations — flashes of a mysterious, glowing woman, a sweeping view of a city skyline, the faces of Chris Cornell and co. — that carry the weight of heavy foreboding. We won’t give the away the ending completely, but just know that when Cornell sings, “I would go all the way to the sun if I didn’t have to come back down,” he might not be talking about himself. Watch the video above.