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Metallica Shred as the City Burns in Two ‘Through the Never’ Movie Snippets

metallica, metallica through the never, dane dehaan

Metallica’s tireless promotional campaign for Through the Never continues with two official clips from the 3D film.

Per the plot description: While delivering some cargo for Metallica, roadie Trip (Dane DeHaan) gets into a car accident and finds himself facing down a “death-dealing horseman.” Directed by Nimród Antal, Metallica Through the Never cuts back and forth between the narrative following DeHaan’s character and performance footage of the Kill ‘Em All crew tearing into some of their most beloved songs. The just-released snippets from the film deliver on that promise — they feature little to no dialogue and focus only on: 1.) Metallica playing a furious set, and 2.) an embattled DeHaan running through a fiery riot zone while carrying a jug of gasoline.

For a quick peek at the movie, watch the minute-and-a-half videos above and below. Metallica Through the Never debuts at Toronto International Film Festival Monday, September 9; opens on every single IMAX screen in North America on September 27; and rolls out to standard theaters a week later, on October 4.