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Kanye West Flips Out on Twitter Over Jimmy Kimmel Parody

Kanye West... or America?

Tonight, Kanye West sent out a series of all-caps tweets lashing out at Jimmy Kimmel, who last night aired a parody of West’s four-part interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe. Here is the gist of the parody: Kimmel hired child actors to repeat West’s most hysterical statements during the interview. That’s really it. It’s funny if you like watching children acting as adults, but either way it’s really very innocuous. Unless you’re Kanye, in which case you were very mad tonight. So mad that you went on an actual rant on Twitter, as opposed to the canned rambling you do you at your shows that nonetheless get labeled as ranting. 

West contends that Kimmel was “out of line” for trying to “spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years,” although spoofing celebrities is literally Jimmy Kimmel’s job description. He went onto invoke the intrustion of paparazzi in his life and Kimmel’s lack of “good pussy.” He also posted the following image, and in fairness now that Kanye points it out, Kimmel does kinda look like Spongebob SquarePants.


Kanye is completely correct that his interview with Zane Lowe — which concluded today with part four — is arresting and fascinating in a way that few things have been in recent years. He is completly correct that America benefits from his lack of filter. But with all of that having been said, Kanye West used to have a sense of humor. It’s true. It existed.