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CocoRosie Dive Into Psyche of Tortured Clown for ‘Gravediggress’ Video

Third clip from 'Tales of a Grass Widow' was directed by Bianca Casady in France

When CocoRosie first unveiled their “Gravediggress” single, we described the sister duo’s vocal performance as “operatic and beautiful in a creepy singing porcelain doll sort of way.” Now, the Casady ladies have paired that creepy doll with a creepy dancing clown. Bianca — the “Coco” half of CocoRosie — has directed a surreal and unsettling music video for “Gravediggress.” Filmed in Southern France and spanning several seasons, the narrative follows a “loose journey thru the psyche of a lonely outcast who finds ecstasy and company in nature.” The outcast in question is a morose clown who, when he isn’t dancing wildly in the ocean, busies himself by daydreaming about a bizarre masked figure known as the “Gravediggress,” who is played by Bianca and Sierra Casady’s mother. If it sounds like a weird, abstract clip, well, that’s because it is. Watch above and check out the other two videos filmed in support of this year’s Tales of a Grass Widow LP: “After the Afterlife” and “Child Bride.”

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