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CocoRosie’s ‘Child Bride’ Video Is a Harrowing Portrait of Abuse

Casady sisters share stunning visual for 'Tales of a Grass Widow' track

CocoRosie’s latest video is both beautifully shot and deeply disturbing. Director Emma Freeman goes for a very literal take on the song’s title, “Child Bride,” following a culty cast of rural folk as they perform a morally reprehensible ritual. The titular girl, hauntingly played by Imogen Verrocchi, is dressed and made up for the day’s main event, in which she’ll be handed off to a creepy elder, forever to be his chattel. Meanwhile, Bianca Casady coos, “Whose little girl am I? / The man with the dark hat will take me home tonight / I washed my body…” The music is a mournful mix of keyboards, floral synth-work, and tabla-style percussion, making for a sound that’s as exotic as it is irrepressible. As the clip plays out, our young heroine gazes out of her disgusting husband’s window, imagining a carefree life for herself. The horrors that await are only hinted at, but it’s enough to create a lasting impression. “Child Bride” hails from the sister duo’s fifth album, Tales of a Grass Widow. We’ve also been privy to “Gravedigress” and “After the Afterlife.”

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