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King Tuff Shreds a Cemetery in ‘Sun Medallion’ Video

King Tuff 'Sun Medallion' Video Was Dead Album

King Tuff released one of 2012’s most sturdy garage-rock offerings via his self-titled Sub Pop debut. But King Tuff wasn’t the Vermont-bred Los Angeleno’s first album, or even his first great one. That honor goes to 2008’s Was Dead, a “psychedelic gust of glammy and hammy, upside-down FM-rock magic” that’s just been reissued by Southern California’s indie-fuzz outpost Burger Records. SPIN recently got the entire oral history of the release from Tuffy’s actual mom and dad

The one-two punch of those long-playing gems got the King on the road, hitting festivals like Outside Lands and Coachella, and now we’ve got a brand new video for that awesome old album. Showing over at Rolling Stone, the clip for “Sun Medallion” finds Tuff dude Kyle Thomas revisiting the Brattleboro cemetery of his youth, straddling graves while shredding, flashing the titular object and, in one scene, turning into a witch after smoking a bowl. As if that wasn’t enough, cartoonist/director Michael Wartella adds some extra psychedelic flair to the whole affair. To watch and learn more, head on over to RS.