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Watch King Krule Take It ‘Easy Easy’ in His Dad’s Suit

King Krule Easy Easy Video 6 feet beneath the moon

Whether it’s water skiing or lounging in a hammock, everyone has a favorite summer activity. Judging by King Krule’s “Easy Easy” video, his seems to be dressing up in an oversized suit and wandering around drinking, smoking, and trespassing. Everybody needs a hobby, right?

The visuals perfectly complement the summertime boredom of Krule’s Billy Bragg-on-downers song, which appears on his upcoming debut full-length, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. He sneers at the camera on a sun-soaked day while delivering lyrics like, “And with your dead-end job / That’s been eating away your life / You feel a little inside / The trouble and strife,” in his thickly accented bottom-heavy way. It’s as if he’s trying to portray the anti-bling lifestyle of a blue-collar Londoner with all the swagger of a hip-hop star who’s stuck rolling his own cigarettes (or joints, as the case may be).

True Panther and XL will release 6 Feet Beneath the Moon on August 24, King Krule’s 19th birthday. For a present, we’d recommend buying him a suit that actually fits.