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King Krule Confirms Long-Awaited Debut Album With Ragged ‘Easy Easy’ Single

king krule, 6 feet beneath the moon

Archy Marshall will finally release his debut full-length as King Krule this summer. On August 24, True Panther and XL Recordings will drop 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, the proper follow-up to Krule’s self-titled 2011 EP. The London-based songwriter produced the upcoming record alongside Savages and the xx collaborator Rodaidh McDonald. 

As True Panther puts it, Marshall’s next effort “[oscillates] gently between the classic ’50s soul of Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley to the minimal, avant-garde experimentation of Penguin Café Orchestra, to the electronic smog and dub textures of [English radio station] Rinse FM.” For a preview of the 14-track LP, listen to snarling lead single “Easy Easy” below. 

6 Feet Beneath the Moon features an updated version of “Out Getting Ribs,” a song Marshall originally released under his Zoo Kid moniker in 2011. See the rest of the track list below.


6 Feet Beneath the Moon track list: 

1. “Easy Easy”
2. “Border Line”
3. “Has This Hit?”
4. “Foreign 2”
5. “Ceiling”
6. “Baby Blue”
7. “Cementality”
8. “A Lizard State”
9. “Will I Come”
10. “Ocean Bed”
11. “Neptune Estate”
12. “The Krockadile”
13. “Out Getting Ribs”
14. “Bathed in Grey”