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Lady Gaga’s Aggro Teenaged Fanbase Calls for Deadmau5’s Rat Head

Lady Gaga’s bizarre two-minute, performance art piece featuring the singer’s prolonged howls, nude forest walks, and crystal cuddling was bound to invite its detractors. But rather than searching “Lady Gaga hate weird howl” on Twitter, it’d be quicker to check out the tweets of professional detractor/DJ Deadmau5, who mocked the singer’s video only to receive death threats from Gaga’s rabid fanbase, the Little Monsters.

“What the actual fuck?,” tweeted the producer. “If some idiot howls in the woods and no one’s around, does it make a sound? MYTH BUSTED! I’m inspired… gunna go bark at the moon for a bit, get back in the studio, bark at my computer screen and make duck noises. im an ARTIST!”

This did not sit well with the Little Monsters, who proceeded to volley death threats at Deadmau5. To wit: 

“If you don’t shut up I will shove that ugly “mau5″ head up you loose asshole.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? At least she shows herself naturally mouse head.”


You get the idea.

After Deadmau5 trolled some more, (“All these tweets telling me to kill myself. the lilttle monsters are pro suicide or something? not sure what to make of that,”) Mother Monster, prosthetic arm in hand, descended onto Earth, emerged from her cocoon and decreed this message of peace to her minions:

“Monsters, please encourage one another to be accepting and tolerant on the internet. Any monster that is using hateful language and spreading negativity is not standing truly by me. I mean it. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Set an example. Do not defend me this way, focus on the music, thats where my focus is.”

And thus the Internet became accepting and tolerant and free of all hateful language negativity. So it is written; so it shall be done.

This has been a dead rodent-themed week for Gaga. Last night, Joanne Trattoria, the restaurant owned by Gaga and her dad Joe Germanotta, was allegedly fined for cockroaches in the restaurant, Radar reports. Because it’s always a good idea to bring more attention to vermin in your eatery, Germanotta went on a lengthy, bizarre twitter rant, that called out Mayor Michael Bloomberg and played the victim card, then posted a selfie wearing a rat nose.