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Bishop Nehru Raps With a Mouth Full of Bacon in ‘Appalled’ Video

Bishop Nehru 'Appalled' Aaron LaCrate Video Bacon Milkcrate

We’ve previously wondered about the preternatural abilities of 16-year-old New York rapper Bishop Nehru, but now we know his secret. The spinach to his precocious Popeye is bacon of course. In the three-minute clip above for “Appalled,” a song from Aaron LaCrate’s Milkcrate Athletics Mixtape, the young rhymer sits in front of three plates stacked high with cured pig-strips. While attempting to perform the song, Nehru douses his meal in syrup and chomps piece after piece of the salty meat, mostly neglecting to rap in time with the gritty track. We don’t blame the guy, of course. And besides, as Pitchfork reports, he’s just confirmed a full-length project with his stylistic godfather DOOM, so he deserves to treat himself. LaCrate’s new release also includes cameos from Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Bun B, Cool Kids, and others. Also, here’s this: