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Belle and Sebastian Terrorize ‘Skins’ Star in ‘Your Cover’s Blown’ Remix Video

Stream all of new 'The Third Eye Centre' rarities comp, featuring material from 2003 to 2010

Belle and Sebastian’s new B-sides and rarities collection is out today (August 27). The indie-pop Glaswegians are celebrating with a terrifyingly twee video for Miaoux Miaoux’s electro-fied remix of “Your Cover’s Blown,” originally a career landmark from their 2004 Books EP. Directed by Graeme O’Hara, the just-released clip stars Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones, the U.K. version of Skins) as a young woman whose entire life is being made over to better fit into one of Stuart Murdoch’s precious character studies. Her drab bathroom walls suddenly sprout a pattern of painted fishes, her messy kitchen fills with vibrantly colored fruits and baked treats, and the stiff shot of liquor she orders at a bar magically turns into a quaint cup of tea. Watch it above (via the Guardian) and stay tuned for the creepy twist ending, a play on The Shining that’s primed for the sweater-vest crowd. 

Stream Belle and Sebastian’s The Third Eye Centre in its entirety over at the Guardian.