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Washed Out Guides a Dazzling Safari in ‘Don’t Give Up’ Video

Washed Out, "Don't Give Up," video

Washed Out’s Ernest Greene shouldn’t have to try this hard to prove he’s more than a “bedroom” music-maker, but what a pleasure that he did. Sure, Greene may have recorded much of 2011’s Within and Without where he slept — and it may sound good where you sleep — but that album’s blissful synth-pop was glossed up to professional standards by ace producer Ben Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley). Based on what we’ve heard so far from Washed Out’s upcoming Paracosm, due out August 13 via Sub Pop, we should all be sleeping outdoors. Preview tracks “It All Feels Right” and “Don’t Give Up” both step into a lush, verdant fantasy world where it’s hard to imagine a ceiling. The gorgeous “Don’t Give Up” video, directed by Kate Moross —  who also helmed Jessie Ware’s adorable “Sweet Talk” video — makes Washed Out’s escape into the wild all the more explicit. It’s nothing but majestic close-ups of animals you’d see in zoos, and it’s an exhilarating visual world to match Paracosm‘s sonic getaway.