Glasgow Shop Claims It Already Invented Cassette Store Day Last Year

International Cassette Store Day

International Cassette Store Day is already coming under fire. Two days after the event was announced, Glasgow record store Volcanic Tongue pointed out that it held a Cassette Store Day in 2012, and they’re slightly pissed about the situation. 

“It was kinda half tongue-in-cheek and a retort to all the Record Store Day hype, but it’s pretty funny and a little frustrating that someone would steal the idea and make it official,” Volcanic Tongue owner David Keenan told FACT.

On top of luring eager tape collectors with their collection, the store commemorated the event with an exclusive cassette-only release by British musician Richard Youngs. Released under the name Library Assistants, the album was limited to only 50 copies.

The other, newer Cassette Store Day will be a larger affair, with exclusive releases by Fucked Up, Los Campesinos, and more, as well as reissues from the likes of Deerhunter, the Flaming Lips, and At the Drive-In. There will also be events held in London, Brooklyn, Tokyo, and Fullteron, California, with all the DJ sets and in-store performances we’ve come to expect from Record Store Day, though there will likely be fewer music geeks attending.


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